Monday, April 19, 2010

5 Ways to Instantly Boost Your Mood

There are times throughout the day we need an instant boost. There are same moments we can give to ourselves to raise our spirits and recharge.

Open the Blinds
Natural sunlight triggers a response in our brains for a "wake up." There is also a source of inspiration and optimism found in the beauty of the outdoors.

Give a Hug
To your honey, your kids, your pets. They remind you what you are working for and that our relationships are what really matter in life. Best part, they will hug back.

It releases tension and changes your body posture. Humans are designed for physical activity, and the moment and breathing will relax and alter at the same time.

Pop a Mint/Gum
Something sweet will give you an oral fix and get creative juices flowing. Besides, peppermint is linked to better brain function. But watch calories because serial mint-popping can add up.

Switch Gears
Go from typing to a phone call. Get up to make your copies. Make a list of the rest of your tasks for the day. Break up the kind of work you are doing. Take care of a different aspect of the project when things are slow.

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