Thursday, April 15, 2010

Workplace Weight Loss Challenge: Maintaining

The yo-yo dieter is a cliche because it is true. And there's little real success in weight loss if you can't keep it off.

Weight loss and weight maintenance take nothing less than a lifestyle change. This painful reason is why so many don't achieve it. Some people find it is easier to succeed if they change their eating habits when they have another big event in life, like moving, getting married, starting a new job, etc.

The real keys to weight maintences are the same tricks that got you there. Count your calories, though you can be happy to know that 2000-2500 calorie diet will prove very fulfilling for most people. Active lifestyle will improve your mood and health and includes things as simple as taking a walk instead of watching tv. Family & friends will be inspired by your progress and you may find yourself in their cheer section instead. Regular fitness goals that a tangible and measurable will always keep you working toward something (lowering cholesterol, marathon, rock climbing trip, etc). Finally, take joy in the successes of others and channel it to your own motivation.

This is the last of a three part series on
my personal success, motivation and maintence after a workplace weight loss competition.

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